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Sea & Market documents the work of a group of people who own and operate a small beachside market, the Dory Fleet, in Newport Beach, California. The Dory Fleet, founded in 1891, is named after boats once used by all the fishermen who launched and landed from the sand beneath the market. Sea & Market creates a portrait of the last two dorymen who continue to trailer their boat through the sand and launch it into the surf, only to return before dawn to sell their catch to market patrons. Part observational film, part diaristic essay, Sea & Market draws on the construction of memory through personal experience, and the human potential for the creation of nostalgia when concerning a form of labor defined by the most elemental forces of nature. Here, physical domains such as the sea, or market, are further defined, having overlapping proximities and comparative instances of force and retreat.


Running time: 31 minutes

Sea & Market

by Robert Raad, MVA 2014

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