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L.A. Bamba examines how Son Jarocho musicians engage with Mexican American culture in Los Angeles. Son Jarocho is historically known for its playful style dating back to its creation and spread from Veracruz, Mexico. The genre is characterized by its upbeat style and colorful instrumentation. This film examines how these attributes play a role in the dissemination of ideologies and engagement with Mexican American culture. The musicians featured in the film come from diverse musical upbringings and exemplify the variety present in the Son Jarocho genre. L.A. Bamba explores the ways in which music can be utilized as a social and cultural tool and celebrates the ways that Son Jarocho musicians are taking unique strides in Southern California. 


Running time: 26 minutes

L.A. Bamba: An Exploration of Son Jarocho in Southern California

by Kara Clemins, MVA 2014

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