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Moving to a new country and learning the ways of a new culture is often a long and difficult process. Add learning how to parent to this task, and you have a whole new experience for these expatriates. Yolande and Marie are two French moms learning how to raise their children to live in Southern California. Their counterparts, Heather, Dana, and Jason, are all Americans attempting the same task but in Paris, France. Peanut Butter et Confiture follows five expatriate parents on their individual journeys of learning to parent like the locals do. Each expat is at a different stage of acculturation and assimilation, and some are more expert expat parents than others. From struggling with the French language and suffering from parenting guilt, to learning how to deal with a sassy American seven-year-old, Yolande, Marie, Heather, Dana, and Jason are all learning as they go, and being raised by their foreign children along the way.


Running time: 31 minutes

Peanut Butter et Confiture

by Adrienne Gerard, MVA 2014

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