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¿Cómo SER mujer? explores the way femininity is constructed and altered in the lives of trans Latina immigrant women and the barriers they have overcome in pursuit of it. Johanna, Leslie and Morena have taken different paths to fulfill their female identity while being brought up male. "How to be a woman?" is the question that is explored through their eyes. This question seems simple enough but it is one that even biologically born females cannot define. ¿Cómo SER mujer? shows how these women’s experiences with travesti (drag queen) performances, beauty and cosmetic choices (clothing, make-up, role models), and medical interventions (hormones) in Mexico and the United States have given many options of what it means to be a woman. Through the narratives of these women who so eloquently share their stories, women everywhere will get a glimpse into a side of their femininity they might not know they have.


Running time: 30 minutes

¿Cómo SER mujer? How TO BE a Woman?

by Mirtha García, MVA 2014

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