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Vegan Noir:  Black Vegans of Los Angeles

by Toni A. Bell, MVA 2016

Vegan Noir:  Black Vegans of Los Angeles is a portrait of every day vegans of African descent. Akia is African-American and a real estate agent. David is an African-American retired football player and vegan activist. Actress, Engracia, is a “Blatina” of Puerto Rican descent. Kitten is an African-American singer-songwriter. Animal rights and food justice activist, Liz, is Trinidadian.  Actress, PaSean is African-American and a vegan baker. Hare Krishna devotee, Mr. Wisdom, is a Jamaican restaurateur. Temitope is Nigerian-American and a yogi. The film is divided into several chapters.  “What is a vegan?” defines veganism.  In “Vegan Origin Stories,” participants describe their journey to veganism.  “Health Concerns” addresses health problems unique to Black vegans in the U.S. In “Intersectionality,” participants describe how they are challenged and questioned in white spaces. “Food Deserts” addresses lack of access to healthy foods. “Racial Macroaggressions” goes into experiences of racism. “The Dreaded Comparison” challenges the ways white vegans co-opt historical oppression to promote veganism. “Black Vegans Spaces” highlights those who are creating spaces that address intersectional concerns from the personal to the political.  “Conclusions” is an acknowledgement to those featured and a call for compassion in all aspects of our lives.


Running time: 28 minutes

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