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Beyond the Wall

by Joe Garrett, MVA 2016

Beyond the Wall is a film about graffiti writers and their origins.  Galo and Shandu One have over 30 years of experience behind the spray can, and along with Sek allow us to glimpse into some of Los Angeles’s graffiti culture.  Bits and Pharo share their experiences from Denver and through both communities we see the similarities as well as differences that bind them together.


This film asks the question why graffiti writers engage in the activities commonly associated with vandalism and why they are willing to risk both their freedom and their lives to practice their particular art form.  For both communities, the overall drive is to create art, for some as a means to survive using not only their talents with a spray can but through other artistic venues as well, and for others as a way to express themselves to the community at large.  For some, graffiti is a means to escape gangs, others as a way to rebel against a society they didn’t feel a part of and for all, a fellowship within a community of artists.

Running time: 30 minutes

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