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How We Imagine Ourselves

by Andie Lee, MVA 2016

Lindsay, Ed, and Tia are students at University of Southern California, who are in different stages of their lives. Despite their differences, they have all grown to love Korean Pop music. In this documentary, we explore how the three students relate to K-pop beyond leisure. Their relationship to K-pop is complicated by their desires, background, and future aspirations. As they struggle to define K-pop in their lives, we get a glimpse at a way our identities are no longer shaped by national borders and place of origin.  Lindsay, Ed, and Tia choose to embrace K-pop as a staple part of who they are. An intimate look at how the millennial generation imagines themselves in the increasingly globalized world, How We Imagine Ourselves opens a conversation about K-pop, fandom, and identity.


Running time: 20 minutes

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