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Once a Marine

by Lucy Copp, MVA 2015

Once a Marine explores the present-day life of a former Marine who, after two combat tours in Iraq, struggles to find meaning and purpose in the civilian world. Chris deeply craves the adrenaline-charged lifestyle of a Navy Seal but he constantly questions the ethics and intentions of U.S. military operations. As he attempts to make the civilian world work for him—going to work everyday, riding his motorcycle, training for triathlons—we begin to feel his profound unrest. We learn what the incomparable draw of the military is for Chris. But what remains uncertain is his future. If he reenters the military and leaves behind the banality of the civilian world, how will he reconcile his strengthening opposition to violence of any kind? If he gives up the military and remains a civilian, how will he let go of the one thing that has captivated him his entire life?


Running time: 24 minutes

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