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Drowning in the Mainstream: Adults with Invisible Disabilities 

by Julie C. Perrin, MVA 2015

At least 15% of the American population suffers from some type of disability that affects the way they live their daily lives yet many of these people suffer in silence because they are living with medically recognized conditions that are not readily apparent to others. America was founded on the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The citizens of our nation have taken this seriously by creating public policies which include provisions for the use and development of groundbreaking tools for the education of individuals with learning disabilities to providing mandatory access for people with impaired mobility in public infrastructure and architecture.


Accommodations that allow the visibly disabled to participate in mainstream society go almost unremarked. However, persons living with invisible disabilities, especially issues concerning mental health, are subjected to discrimination, prejudice, and stigma. Drowning in the Mainstream investigates the American cultural narrative and some of the common misconceptions attributed to people with conditions both mental and physical that are not readily apparent. The film seeks to initiate a dialogue on recognition and acceptance of this hidden community in order to level the playing field and aid in their pursuit of the American Dream.


Running time: 21 minutes

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