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The Third Act is for Activism

by Apryl Lundsten, MVA 2020


The Third Act is for Activism follows a group of unlikely activists who were partly responsible for five districts in Southern California flipping from Republican to Democrat in the 2018 mid-terms. Meet Lore, Mel, Shelly, and Wendy—known to Los Angeles field organizers as “Seal Team Six.” These are the women on the front lines of the current Resistance movement in the United States, determined to overthrow Donald Trump and the Republicans. They are pissed off, tireless, undeterred and out to get every American to the polls. They are also over 60. But the women of Seal Team Six aren’t unusual. Women over 60 make up a significant percentage of new activists all over the country. The Third Act is for Activism breaks stereotypes while looking at issues of identity, white privilege, race, older women’s social bonds through activism, and highlights their unorthodox voter registration techniques. 


Running time: 31 minutes

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